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Men's Shed Vernon - "Living The Dream"

Every year, the Kalamalka Rotary Club holds their very successful Dream Auction where local businesses and supporters contribute wonderful gift ideas to raise funds that support our community. Since we started in 2018, Men’s Shed Vernon has had the opportunity to contribute to the auction, and also to receive the goodwill from its proceeds. It happened again this year in an unlikely way.

Men’s Shed Vernon is one of thousands of unique, grassroots Men’s Sheds that have flourished around the world in the last twenty years, with the intent to focus on Men’s health and well being through “shoulder to shoulder” giving back to our community. We have participated with the Rotary clubs in Vernon on various initiatives and projects. We have also received Rotary generosity during the renovation of our social room at The Shed. We had the privilege of donating a deluxe picnic table to the 2022 Dream Auction.

Men's Shed Vernon has also provided build assistance for at least 70 projects to local non profit groups since opening five years ago. Our wood and metal fabrication shop enables us to engage the expertise and enthusiasm of more than 100 guys to serve on requests ranging from BMX bike trophies to boardroom tables, to horse saddle stands.

Big Heart, Big Gift, Big Lift!

We received a note after Christmas this year from a local businessman, asking to discuss a donation. Derek from LMEC (Lake & Mountain Exterior Contracting) had bid on Dream Auction items to support the Kalamalka Rotary, and had been successful with his bid on a valuable advertising package to promote his business in the North Okanagan.

After thinking about it for a while, Derek decided that his specialty business was already doing very well, and that a local non profit group would be better served with the community exposure. Who better to give it to than another group of guys who love blending our talents, tools, and time together. Derek called Men’s Shed Vernon.

We are so grateful. Men's Shed Vernon will now have the opportunity to work with Sproing Creative, Coldstream Living, and iNFOTEL Multimedia to more effectively reach local men who can benefit from good company and a renewed sense of purpose.

Icing On The Cake

To top it all off, Derek had some choice lumber leftovers from his recent commercial work that was ideally suited for projects we had in mind to raise funds for Men’s Shed Vernon. He dropped the lumber off at The Shed to enthusiastic guys.

We are very encouraged when people with big hearts like Derek and his team at LMEC come alongside non profit organizations like Men’s Shed Vernon. It gives us a real lift. Please remember to support the Rotary Dream Auction and the local groups that tug at your heart strings.


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