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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

We Build Meaning & Well Being Into Men's Lives By Engaging Hands, Hearts, & Minds

The Men’s Shed Vernon is a collaborative environment where men work shoulder-to-shoulder to create a variety of projects for themselves and community organizations.

By sharing skills & knowledge members create rewarding friendships and experience an increase in physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing – all while giving back to the community.
Our philosophy: Reaching in, Reaching Out

Reaching inward:

Through the participation in Men’s Shed Vernon, our members report having a significant increase in physical, mental and spiritual health and overall well-being.

Attending the Shed helps members stay physically active and their participation in projects offers a sense of satisfaction and meaning from their contributions. Members also report that going to the Shed has made them more aware of the importance of men’s mental health.

Reaching outward:
By extending the internal values (mentioned above), members contribute to collective group projects that will benefit other nonprofits and charitable organizations.

Participation in collective projects fosters a strong social culture where members mentor each other while giving back to the community. Members create stronger community connections with the organizations they are supporting through their work and experience an understanding of their value and purpose, and in return, they strengthen their appreciation for their own gifts and skills.

The Men’s Shed Vernon provides members opportunities for contributing their personal skills, knowledge and experience in three primary ways:

  • Leadership & Mentoring Opportunities

  • Skills Training & Workshop Guidance 

  • Collective Group Projects

The Movement

Shed History

The Men’s Shed movement started in Australia in 2007, expanding their tradition of backyard sheds into collaborative, communal spaces. Since then, the Australian Men’s Shed Association has grown to over 900 member sheds. Other countries with Men’s Shed movements include United Kingdom, New Zealand, USA and more.

The first Men’s Shed in North America began 2009, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. There are now many sheds established across Canada. We are proud to be part of this movement as it grows across BC.

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