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Collaborate with us!

Men's Shed Vernon works with businesses and non-profits to help them outsource skilled tasks and develop meaningful community connections.

The Men's Shed Vernon has a continuously growing membership of reliable skilled carpenters, fabricators, and many others with in-house experience in every imaginable endeavour. You can tap into this wealth of experience and wisdom by partnering with us to expand your operations on an ongoing basis or for ad-hoc projects.

Partnership Opportunities


Outsource Tasks & Projects:  Is there a gap in your supply chain? Men's Shed Vernon is a trusted supplier for woodworking or small fabrications. We can have a regular production schedule or deliver on a project basis.

The benefit of using Men's Shed Vernon is that you are supporting a community charity, establishing a local relationship, and extending your network of skilled and reliable suppliers.

Non-Profit Partnerships: We support other charitable organizations that need repairs, building & construction assistance, deck work and other carpentry style projects. In some instances, we are able to receive sponsorship for the materials and any special tool rentals required. We can develop a project plan based on the needs of the organization.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Community Projects: Men's Shed Vernon is in a unique position where we can support other charitable organizations that need repairs with building & construction assistance - we can supply the labour, workshop and tools. But these partnerships are most successful when we have a sponsor that can offer trucks for transporting materials, tools and project pieces, or cover material costs and special tool rental fees.

Corporate Partnerships: Build "Community Spirit" within your organization by partnering with Men's Shed Vernon.


Men's Shed Vernon has lots of collaboration ideas, many talented and skilled members, and a large workshop with great lounge space. As a corporate partner, we would collaborate to plan joint barbeques, skill-building workshops, joint community projects and so much more. Reach out to us today!

Sponsor Profile:
Tolko_Logo (2019)_blue_m_cmyk.jpg

Tolko is a highly regarded company that repeatedly demonstrates community support and spirit.

Men's Shed Vernon has received lumber contributions for a number of community projects as well as for our own facility on several occasions.

We have also been received with enthusiasm and encouragement by every Tolko team member we meet from senior executives to lift truck drivers.

Thank you!

Sponsor Profile:
Elephant Storage

Elephant Storage saw the potential in Men's Shed Vernon (MSV) early on and provided us with shop space and use of their CNC machine, just as we were getting ourselves established. MSV built new stairs for the storage facility, planted over 100 trees at a new storage location, and some of the members restored the owner's sailboat! Over the years, Elephant Storage has graciously supplied trucks to move components for community projects and participated in numerous community barbecue events. Men's Shed Vernon has made a lasting connection to Elephant Storage and has helped to engage them with other community projects and organizations.

Collaborate with us!

Reach out to us about partnerships and sponsorship opportunities. You can use thise form or email us directly at

Thanks for reaching out!

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