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Engaging Hands, Hearts and Minds

We Build Meaning & Well Being into Men's Lives


Ken took an upholstery class at the Shed and built outdoor ottomans to cross-off an item on his honey-do list.


Ken has been certified on the Shed’s CNC machine and now helps others to learn how to use it.

Ken's Story

I thought retirement would be fun - and it was for a short time. I  gradually lost contact with friends from my old job, and missed the connections with them. I was aimless, and days lacked structure. I began to get on my wife's nerves, as I was present all the time. One day she told me to get out of the house and find something to do.


Coincidentally, my neighbour Gerry had informed me of Men's Shed. I decided to get a tour and as soon as I opened the Shed door, and saw a huge Table Saw, I was in heaven. I was sold right then, but it would not take me long to learn that Men's Shed is so much more than a shop. In fact it was exactly what I needed.

Men's Shed Vernon - A home workshop with friends!

Grow Your Vision - Engage with Your Peers

Come visit the Shed. We welcome you for 3 visits to see our space, speak with our members, and learn more about you to see if the Shed fits with your needs.
Full membership is only $220 CDN  per year, and the coffee is free!
For more information, please contact John at to arrange a visit or complete the form below to connect with us.


To learn more about Men's Shed Vernon, kindly complete this form.

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