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Send a message to to arrange a visit and a tour, join members with free coffee to learn the value of membership. 

The Shed is open daily  from 8:00 AM-9:00 PM for members with access.

All Men's Shed guys contribute to community projects and sustaining The Shed by serving on teams, maintenance and a variety of chores. Members also work on their own projects and volunteer to  share their skills with others.

To help stop the spread of COVID-19 and protect the safety of members, The Men’s Shed follows Provincial & regional regulations.

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Men’s Shed Vernon welcomes men of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

The Men’s Shed is a place to share knowledge and skills.
We strive to create an environment where men work together on projects or alongside one another in a way that fosters a culture of support and mutual learning.


We work on different types of projects at the shed. ​ 

Community Projects: Collectively work in teams, applying our skills to support other charitable organizations that need repairs, building & construction assistance, deck work and other carpentry style projects.

Personal Projects: Sharing our skills and learning from other members we build projects for our personal and family interests.

Enterprise Projects: We collectively work in teams on enterprise projects that raise funds for the Shed’s programs and operations.

Shed Projects: Shed space improvements like tables and coat hooks!

Cheerful Givers

Members give back to the Shed as a way to show appreciation and participate in the collective experience. Some members contribute what they can financially, other members dedicate their time, and others offer contributions of knowledge and skills.

Everyone is welcome to the Shed, regardless of your ability to contribute.

Shed Values

Personal Safety 
Teamwork & Social Interaction
Mutual Learning
Sharing & Helping 
Respecting the Space
Cheerful Giving

Membership Process & FAQs

Tour the Shed: Contact us for an appointment, and we will show you around the Shed and workshop space, introduce you to some other members, and cover the shop safety procedures.


Application Form: Complete a simple application form that includes basic contact information.


Membership fee:  There is an annual fee for full access to the social room and the Popo Shop  (workshop) for community service and social activities with extended hours and the provision to work on personal projects. In addition, members are encouraged to be “cheerful givers” – contributing financially, by dedicating their time, or by offering knowledge and skills. 


Attend: In your first few months as a Shed member, we encourage you to attend as often as possible so we can introduce you to other members, and make sure you have found your place to fit in and contribute. We ask you to join a project team to meet other members, learn your way around The Shed and pass safety tool training on the equipment.


Join a project team: We ask you to join a project team to meet other members, learn your way around The Shed and pass safety tool training on the equipment. We’ll have a member explain all that to you and guide you through the orientation process.


Safety: We're serious about safety at The Shed!  We'll review our safety policy and program we require of all members, so they can operate the equipment safely, and keep the tools and machines clean and working for all that use them.


Optional Activities: The Shed has various different events throughout the year. We often get together to celebrate the completion of a community project, we host a lot of barbeques to welcome and introduce new members to the group, and we hold workshops, courses and webinars on topics ranging from brain & body health to specialized tool training. And don’t be surprised to see card game afternoons and other activities happening around here.


Send us a message to request an application form or arrange a visit.

Thanks for submitting!

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