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"As Good As OLD Again!"

Like many local non-profit organizations, the Vernon Museum has a to-do list that is larger than their checking account can pay for these days. They have also learned how to build relationships with local resources like Men’s Shed Vernon to build items such as horse saddle stands.

As a recent example, the museum had an antique chair that needed repair, where one of the leg support spindles had broken. This happened to be an antique chair that hadn’t retired yet, rather than an artifact item, so it had to look very authentic, yet bear up to regular use. That meant that restoration standards could be relaxed just a bit.

Men’s Shed Vernon guy Don Gerlinsky took the project, and quickly determined that the old splintered spindle had seen better days. Employing his wood lathe skills, Don was able to turn a replica part. Don’s wife, Gisele, contributed by finding a matching stain. Using today’s more powerful adhesives applied carefully, restored the chair to “As Good As Old Again!”

Lisa Ramsey at the Vernon Museum was happy to see the chair returned from a visit to The Shed, and as strong as it was sitting in the kitchen many decades ago.

Thanks, Don, for your commitment, and willingness to step up to lead a project as a Men's Shed "Point Man".

One of the ways that Men’s Shed Vernon would like to be known is as the support shop for non profit organizations in the North Okanagan. Contact or visit us to learn more about how to contribute your time, talents, and resources at The Shed.

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Wow! That is a great talent Don! Thanks to you and your wife for sharing those skills to a meaningful project. Nels

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