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Men's Shed Vernon Facilitates Canada's First She Shed

"We just want what you guys want" was a quote offered more than a year ago when a dozen interested women met at "The Shed" in Vernon. And what is that you might ask?

Just some social, learning, and giving back time with the girls. People have been spending far too much time alone during the last few years. Many retired people move to a new city such as Vernon, and then struggle to make new and meaningful cross generation connections. Three thousand grass roots driven Men's Sheds around the world have shown that this model is an effective tool for providing men's wellness benefits. It is completely understandable that women would want to tap into such a valuable model.

Men's Shed Vernon has been working to assist the ladies get started with shop time and training support to "train the trainers" in recent weeks. Having two Sheds share some of the expense of operating a premium facility will also contribute to our sustainability. It is a Win/Win for the North Okanagan.

She Shed is a completely autonomous initiative. Information on their activities can be obtained HERE, or by contacting


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