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Men's Shed Vernon Guys Grow a 'stache for Cash'

At the beginning of "Movember" 30 days ago. the guys at Men's Shed Vernon signalled our intent to grow a moustache to remind all the men in the North Okanagan to be checked regularly for early signs of prostate cancer. This is what that looked like then.

12 guys signed up to participate. We had one casualty, when David accidentally shaved his off one morning from habit!

A number of us have taken a ribbing over the month, as our moustaches ranged from what Brian referred to as "Magnificent to Measley". Regardless, we all assembled for individual and group photos to keep the focus on men's health.

It's ALMOST in the can now!

There an old saying that if you're out on the water and see another boat, it's a race. Well, same applies here! There has to be bragging rights. That's what guys do...

Each man's moustache mug shot was attached to a donation can and placed on the credenza in the social room.

For the next week, all 100 Shed members can vote for the likes of "Hairy Larry, Viking Nels, or Bonkers Bill" with loonies and toonies. A 2022 Men's Shed Vernon Moustache for Cash winner will be declared, and the funds will go to BC Prostate Cancer prevention.

What can YOU do to participate? Here are a few options:

1. Get Your Prostate and PSA checked. Prostate cancer is preventable, Guys. Do It!

2. Contact The Shed to come down for a tour, stuff a donation can of your choice, and think about joining the fun as a new member. Email us:

3. Donate to Prostate Cancer Prevention. Click HERE.

Thanks for following along with us this month, everyone. I'm going to shave off Mr. Measley now!


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