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Community Collaboration for Kids

Imagine having to sleep on the floor or on a couch every night. No personal space. Disrupted rest. I can remember sleeping with my brother when I was young, but I knew I had my own place to go and rest. That was important.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace Okanagan Chapter is a recent non profit phenomenon in the valley that is delivering a complete, ready to sleep in bed for kids who don't have their very own bed at night. Last year, SHP gifted a bed c/w mattress bedding, a quilt, and a pillow to 35 kids in the Vernon area. Their target for this year is 50 beds.

SHP builds beds in Rona parking lots in the summer to engage the community, but has no place to ply their tools in the winter.

Enter Men's Shed Vernon. Fourteen "Shedders" welcomed SHP to The Shed today to cut, sand, fasten, and stain lumber into 10 beds for kids.

The Men's Shed guys had a productive day in our amazing Popo Shop. There was time for banter and a long coffee break with donuts and homemade cookies.

Your Donations to Sleep in Heavenly Peace, and to Men's Shed Vernon will help keep these two valuable organizations sustainable in delivering men's wellness through shoulder to shoulder community contribution, and to children sleeping peacefully in their own comfy beds.

You'll sleep better tonight...


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