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Little Art Gallery

The North Okanagan Arts Council wanted to make art and artists more accessible in Vernon neighbourhoods by installing free mini art libraries.

The challenge was to source the art boxes. Who to call? Why, Men's Shed Vernon, of course!

Gail Woodhouse, Director of the Arts Council, was able to relay her idea to Don Fraser, our Projects Coordinator. Don put the idea out to all the Men's Shed Vernon guys to find a "Point Man" to step forward and give the project momentum.

Marten Koops and his wife Colleen are big supporters of art activity in Vernon. Marten stepped up to draw in the talents of several Men's Shed Vernon guys to help with the design, prototype, and construction of several "Little Art Galleries. The Little Art Galleries are now being placed on local streets to facilitate personal engagement and appreciation of the talents in our own neighbourhood.

I think that they are like art works in their own right. Thanks Men's Shed Guys!


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