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Men's Shed Vernon Builds BMX Race Trophies

Imagine the thrill for a young BMX bike rider when he or she receives a trophy for entering their first ever race. Imagine, then how to provide that thrill for about 60 riders every season! That’s one of the challenges to be met when you are one of the largest BMX bike clubs in the country.

In October 2021, the Vernon BMX Bike Club appealed to the community for assistance in building trophies for their First Time Racer awards. Men’s Shed Vernon thought that it would be a great match for the talents and interests of our guys who want to give back to the community.

The Vernon BMX Bike Club responded enthusiastically, and delivered a pickup load of used trophy components that just needed to be cleaned up and reimagined as if you were an eight year old racer.

Men’s Shed guy, Steve C took on the task as the Men’s Shed point man, and several others pitched in. Steve and the guys not only assembled standard trophy parts, but also imagined new components and combinations that made for unique and personal awards that a youngster would aspire to win. He even built a special trophy in recognition of the 40th Anniversary of the Vernon BMX Bike Club.

In March, Lisa Fogel and Shylo Orchard from the Vernon BMX Bike Club came by The Shed on Meadowlark Rd, and picked up about 40 of the trophies that the guys had created.

“Wow…Wow…Wow! It almost makes me feel like racing again just to win one of these trophies!” exclaimed Shylo. She is, by the way, a four time Canadian champion racer.

The Men’s Shed guys are looking forward to sitting in the bleachers and watching the racers. It will be rewarding to watch the awarding. That’s why we do this.

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