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Men's Shed Welcomed at Desert Cove

Several members of Men's Shed Vernon were welcomed by about 35 men who call the Desert Cove community home.

Desert Cove is a close knit adult community offering a variety of activities for residents. Some of the men have small shops in their garages, but lack the range of tools and the camaraderie and visibility to serve the community with their lifetime of acquired skills.

Men's Shed offers all those elements.

Men's Shed Vernon member Peter G is also a Desert Cove resident. As such, he and several Men's Shed guys were able to gather interested neighbours and communicate how Men's Shed Vernon's mission of "Engaging Hands, Hearts, & Minds" could really be an extension of the Desert Cove neighbourhood.

The men attending said that they could relate to the importance that interaction and contribution play in making for a better and longer life. A good number signed up for a tour of the Men's Shed facility to be followed up by coffee and snacks in our social room next week.

Well done, Peter and Shed guys! We look forward to making new friends at The Shed.

Would you like to have Men's Shed Vernon make a presentation to your community group? Just drop us a note at


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