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Mental Health Is A Team Game

"Did you notice how everyone in a room responds when you mention that so and so is battling cancer of the ....? They all jump in with personal anecdotes, treatment suggestions, and supporting encouragement.
Then mention that someone close to you is learning to live with, or overcome a mental illness, and the room goes silent. It's very isolating."

That's a paraphrase of insightful and personal comments offered by the spouse of one of our men's Shed guys in a recent meeting where we are working at getting better at including all our guys by understanding and meeting the challenges of life together. We think that it's best to meet them head on as a team. That was a productive get together.

I was working on a wood project at The Shed today. It required me to make a 45 degree bevel cut on a valuable piece of Purple Heart wood with a chop saw. I hadn't done that before. I went and got help. Larry came over from what he was doing, and willingly, with patience, showed me all the setup steps. I made the cuts. It felt good. It was time for the Shed Coffee Break with the guys.

Featured Mental Health Resource: Canadian Men's Mental Health Foundation

"Acknowledge your vulnerability. Ask for help. Identify Personal Challenges" John Herdman. Canadian National Soccer Coach

Listen to Canadian national soccer coach chat in his easy British accent about the mental challenges of keeping himself and the entire team mentally and physically fit to perform at a World Cup level during a pandemic. There are some good personal points to staying well such as maintaining a commitment to learning.

Of course, you can do that with a Men's Shed Vernon membership. A healthy choice. Just drop us a note or stop by on the 2nd Wednesday or 4th Saturday each month.

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Unknown member
Jul 15, 2022

Masterfully Written Ray, this earns you right to strut a little. Think about sending this out....

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