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Men's Shed Vernon has assisted the Vernon Museum in the past (excuse the pun) with projects like horse saddle stands.

We were contacted by our friends at the museum again to provide them with new seating arrangements for their visitor reception area.

Men's Shed guys, Don Fraser and Don Walper helped to design, cost out, and build a new seating nook with storage and a comfy look. Some recycled hardwoods were used, and Don W even did the upholstery work.

"This is the time of life when we have an opportunity to give back" said Don

The guys delivered the corner sectional units and the matching furniture "cubes" to the delight of the museum staff. Well done, Men's Shed Vernon guys.

Men's Shed Vernon has completed dozens of projects for local non profit organizations over the last four years, and look forward to many more.

Drop us an e-mail note to inquire about how you can "engage hands, heart & mind" as a Men's Shed Vernon member.


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